The Animals Observatory

Tiger Kids Jacket Green Stripes

CHF 246.00

The Green Stripes Tiger Jacket is a blend of cotton and linen with a cotton lining and is perfect for throwing on and hitting the park! The model's height is 130 cm and is wearing size 8 years.

78% Cotton / 22% Linen

ESM CONFECÇÕES L. D. A. → Located in Lousada, a small city on the north side of Portugal and 30 minutes away from Braga, a region with a long textile tradition. We started working together in 2017 and, since then, we haven’t stopped. ESM Confecçoes has its origins in 1986 and now has an annual production of over 100.000 pieces of clothes. They specialize in the manufacturing of coats, jackets, trench coats, blouses, dresses and skirts to high standards.

The Animals Observatory has a global vision about sustainability. We make decisions to reduce the impact of the manufacturing but also to improve the relationships with our stakeholders. We locate the production mainly between Spain and Portugal to reduce the pollution generated by long distance transportation. We have long lasting relationships with the factories we work with, as one of our goals is to have stable and trustworthy relationships with our suppliers. The Animals Observatory collaborates with the Carbon Neutral UPS program. Throughout this program, we offset the CO2 emissions generated by the transport of packages. This collaboration has allowed us to mitigate 74.7 tones of CO2 between July and December of 2020. Other features include the Seaqual Initiative, a neighbouring organization that works with waste management and recycling industries to transform marine litter into upcycled marine plastic, so that leading brands and manufacturers can create sustainable products.