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Smartphone Necklace Riot Red

CHF 32.00

his Unisex “RED” Smartphone Necklace is the perfect accessory to start cooling you down from this year’s hot summer nights and get you in the mood for cosy, chilled autumn vibes.

It’s time to unwind, reflect and devote yourself to the season’s changes. Get together with your bestie and cuddle up around the sizzling fire with a freshly brewed cup of tea to share your summer adventures.

Get out your favourite coats and cosy outfits while nature changes it’s colour codes. Inhale the fresh, crisp air on long walks through the woods and keep your hands free to take full advantage of autumn’s gifts. Mix and match the timeless vivid green “EMERALD” Smartphone case and shine bright like a diamond with autumn styles that make you look flawless no matter if picking mushrooms in the dirt or strolling through the falling leaves in the city.

Dear autumn, we are ready for you!