Fokus - Ätherisches Duftspray Fokus - Ätherisches Duftspray


Fokus - Ätherisches Duftspray

CHF 24.00

Essential fragrance spray
100% Natural

Lemon, rosemary, peppermint

"I breathe in and out deeply. I'm motivated and full of energy.
When I want something, I get it done."

Lemon: gives us a boost of energy and relieves mental fatigue. Improves concentration. Soothes the challenged mind. Reduces the insecurity of not knowing enough.
Rosemary: Gives us support during challenging times of change and growth. Can be a great helper with learning difficulties and a sluggish mind. It increases our focus on the one hand, and our flexibility and openness on the other.
Mint: helps us to become awake and clear in an instant and to come out of heaviness.