Innerer Frieden - Ätherisches Duftspray Innerer Frieden - Ätherisches Duftspray


Innerer Frieden - Ätherisches Duftspray

CHF 24.00

Essential fragrance spray
100% Natural

Inner peace
rosemary, mandarin, vetiver

"Peace & harmony are within me
and around me. I feel tolerance,
compassion and love for all people,
also for me."

Tangerine: gives us joy in life again and helps us get back into the flow of life, slow down and enjoy life more.
Rosemary: brings us support in challenging times of change. We ground ourselves in confidence and clarity. Dissolves confusion, especially when it comes to important decisions. Opens us to new experiences.
Vetiver: brings grounding and relaxation to the stressed mind. Especially when we get lost in the daily grind, not recognizing our priorities, it can redirect our focus and give us anchorage. Helps us to go more in depth and get to the root of things.