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Slippers Svea Wool

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These special edition Moccis are made from luxurious wool which absorbs moisture to keep feet warm and comfortable.

Each wool moccasin is handmade in Sweden and this design is available in adult and childrens sizes. The wool Moccis are slightly tighter then the cotton designs, leaving your feet snug, yet comfortable.

The unisex Moccis are made in Sweden of natural ecotex certified materials. The finishing touches are even made by hand. The leather moccasin sole is durable and flexible, allowing children's feet to move freely and muscles to develop.

The skid proof moccasin slipper sole ensures that the little crawler/walker gets an easier start. The sewed in double elastic at the ankle prevents the moccasin from falling off.

  • Moccis are machine washable in 40 degrees and should be hang dried
  • Made with Ecotex certified yarns & natural leather sole. 80% wool, 10% polyamide, 10% lycra.

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