Laura Moustacakis, a French-German designer and mother of three, founded Colchik in 2016. From the beginning she concieved it as a family business, just at the border between life and work. Because it is the only way she can imagine her life: as a whole. Colchik naturally puts family in the center of its project. Have you ever noticed how happy it makes a child to wear the same garment as his mother or father? We believe a family wardrobe contributes to deep family connections, creating common values and tastes. We believe in the magical power of clothes and that they are a strong sentimental link between people.


We strongly believe there is an urgent need for new ideas and operationg models. Every day, we try to question our actions and invent new solutions. That is how we decided to use our advertising budget for a much better purpose: planting trees. Starting in january 2017, we will work with Reforest Action following the principle of "buy one, plant one" - so for each item you buy, we plant a tree together. This is a wonderful daily motivation for us to work not only for our label, but also for the future of our blue planet. We hope you will follow us in this adventure and are already dreaming of a little Colchik forest.

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